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Remo is committed to meeting the accessibility needs of people with disabilities and will do so by following recommendations for web accessibility described on international standards.

Remo’s vision is that people with disabilities have the same great experience as other participants of Remo’s events. 

Remo’s goal is to make reasonable efforts to ensure the key principles of independence, dignity, integration and equality for persons with disabilities are respected.

Conformance Status

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) defines requirements for designers and developers to improve accessibility for people with disabilities. It defines three levels of conformance: Level A, Level AA, and Level AAA.  

Remo is striving to conform with WCAG 2., meaning that participants should be able to use the platform, and event organizers should be able to share accessible content, with some exceptions. 

Accessibility in our website

Remo is a web-application, therefore not all aspects of accessibility laws and regulations apply to it. 

We continue to research how people with visual, hearing, locomotor and learning disabilities use our website. Our team is dedicated to creating online experiences that everyone can use.

Updated accommodations in Remo

  • Closed captioning available in presentation mode. Please note that the captioning or screen readers don't cover shared screen functionality so presenters need to explain their content. Captioning in conversation mode can be achieved using e.g. Google Chrome functionality
  • All the core navigational elements for guests are supported by screen readers
  • Assisted navigation between tables for screen readers. Each table is labeled and with single click user can see the name of the table and decide whether to join or not
  • Remo uses sound ques to distinguish messages, alerts, or other dialogs

Event organizer’s responsibilities

The event managers are responsible for producing accessible content. Organizers can use closed captions on live or prerecorded presentations, have a real-time sign language translator, offer support to people with locomotor disabilities to use the platform, and others.

We recommend that content - presentations, images, etc. -  used during an event are produced according to web accessibility guidelines.

Remo’s commitment to accessibility

  • Remo organizes content in its website and information assets as clearly as possible and uses language that’s easy to understand. We work on developing a structure that is accessible for everyone. 
  • Remo page flows are accessible by keyboard and each piece of content is clearly identified. We use titles, subtitles and coloring to distinguish one element from another.
  • Remo users may need some help in understanding some elements & features on product pages. We provide instructions to make these elements clearer.
  • When an in-house solution can’t be developed, Remo strives to integrate with other services to ensure accessibility.

This commitment will be integrated into the daily activities of Remo, including recruitment, procurement and training, wherever possible and reasonable.


Remo strives to develop its own solutions for accessibility requirements or integrates with third-parties. As a web-application, Remo supports using:

We are seeking to improve the accessibility of Remo, and to reduce our dependence on third-party integrations.


We welcome feedback on the accessibility of the Remo Conference platform, and can advise on strategies and third party integrations for sharing accessible content using Remo. If you encounter an accessibility issue, or have any questions please contact


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